Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie bowl is simple and easy to make

Serving size: 2 people


-3 frozen bananas

-1 tbsp of matcha and blue sprinula

-Few drops of vanilla extract




-Frozen blueberries


1. Put the frozen bananas in the blender. If your blender can't blend just frozen food, add some milk/water

2.Blend about halfway until there are still little chunks left and add the matcha and blue sprinula

3.Keep on blending until smooth and creamy

4.Pour it into a bowl, it should be more creamy than liquidy

5.Serve after puttiing on the toppings

Toppings - how to arrange them

1.Use a spoon and make swirls that are loose and natural

2.Put on any syrupy/liquid toppings

Ex: Chocolate Syrup, strawberry juice, etc.

3.Put on the dry toppings

4.Add powder

Ex:Grinded dried strawberry, cocoa powder, etc.


Freeze your bananas atleast overnight

Peel them, cut them in half, and put them in a container before freezing

Try to use frozen fruits

Add milk(almond or soy if you are vegan) if your blender can't blend frozen things without liquid

Types of extracts/"tastes"

Mint-fresh, goes well with matcha and blue sprinula

Vanilla-warm/sweet, goes well with plain bananas

Chocolate-sweet, goes well with mint extract as mint-chocolate chip. Make sure to blend partially into chips


Use modeling chocolate to make small figures/models for decoration(there's a vegan modeling chocolate)